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Sep. 23rd, 2009

Random: Almost Famous

Writer's Block: Do you prefer a tent or a luxury hotel?

Would you rather spend the weekend camping in the woods or at a luxury hotel? Why?
Luxury Hotel.
Camping is for gay guys who go "hunting"

Nah, i kid.
But in all seriousness i like bubble baths and fancy beds.

House: guitar


Watching movies and playing playstation at my house when the sky turns yellow and it gets all dusty. It's like all down the coast, i wanted to get a photo when the dust storm was like that but i could only one when it died down but it was still pretty dusty,

Normally, in Australia, the sky is blue and you can see the hills in the background. Oh and that fab looking girl is Kiri C:

Sep. 22nd, 2009

Queen: Roger

(no subject)


Fuck yeah.

Well not yet.
But they are paid for and are being shipped as i type.
God, i love my life.

Andddd thanks to Zeppelin_daily and their wonderful members, i found that picture i have been looking for for hours on end.

I am such a loser.
PFFT, i love how that guy is just staring at his arse, i heard it was Bonzo but i can't tell from the back of his head. :\

Sep. 20th, 2009

Queen: Maylor


Holidays again C:
I'm happy, but ya know, i get really bored expecially with mum working and not having any money.
Damn, i need a job.
I've been iceskating twice already and mum finally agreed to buy me some good skates instead of having to use those crappy hire skates every time i go. Which is a lot. Yeah, she didn't want to buy them at the rink cause they're expensive, like $200 a pair (but ya know, they're gunna be the same price anywhere you go.) so we went round to like 4 different "all sports" stores in which none of them sell ice skates. Looked up the the yellow pages and the closest store that actually sells skates is an hours drive away.
Road Trip, anyone?


Aug. 21st, 2009

Zeppelin: JPJ and JB

(no subject)


Yay for looking like a lesbian :D

Jul. 19th, 2009

Bowie: STFU

Tired . . .

Ahhh well. Saturday. What can i say? Went ice skating and a couple of people asked me to help them learn to skate. I felt so special ay as i haven't been skating that long and i can do it well. Yeah then we went to the cove and mum had a bit too much to drink so we had to ay at her boyfriend's house which was cool. Garry (bf) said that their dog would probably bite me cause he bites everyone but he ended up loving me and following me round everywhere and licking my face and stuff. Garry was jeaous ay. Watched a few docos then went to bed which was the couch. Couldn't get to sleep cause i had a runny nose and it kept me up. Bout 12, Garry's brother drunkenly bashed on the door and kept ringing the bell. OMG seriously.

Yeha someone let him in then he was talking to himself really loudly. He went into his room and started playing guitar very badlyso i didn't get to sleep until about 4 in the morning then i had to get up t 7, so i only got around 3 hours sleep. Oh and i watched Donnie Darko the other day ao i can't stop listening to this song.

Jul. 11th, 2009

Zeppelin: JP squee

(no subject)


After every one OMGing i would like to say....

It's a microphone.

Jul. 3rd, 2009

Queen: Roger

(no subject)

I ran out of quota T_T Now i have to wait till next week to use internet on my laptop. Lol i am playing Sims.

May. 30th, 2009

Zeppelin: Jonesy bounce

Things i am sick to hades of . .

1. Lesbians.
OMG, where do i start? Alright, we're going to the movies and i saw this poster for 'Killer Lesbian Vampires' or somthing like that and i was all: 'Do we even need another lesbian movie after all them other ones.' The worst is probably Wild Things when they are fighting in the pool and then they start making out and striping! What . . . . the   .? Go back to fighting. Also, how guys are really into hardcore lesbian porn and they talk about it ALL THE TIME. Lesbians are not hot (most of the time ayway); they're all butch and manly.

2.Courtney Love
UGHH she's just grit. I'm sick of hearing about her and her habits, weight, children, dating, problems etc. Dave Grohl had it right when he said she's an ugly fucking bitch. Plus she's trying to leech onto Noel Fielding :| .

3.People Bitching about Good Bands.
Stop it. Don't dis The Beatles. They will kick you in the face. No one wants to listen your iPod.

4.Cover Bands
Bloody Fucking Hell. Go away. Write some of your own music. Stop wearing the same clothes and acting the same. Be orginal. Stop clogging up the internet. It's alright when they change it or make it weird (eg Dread Zeppelin - Elvis wanna-be singer, reggae sound) but when they try to be as much like the band as possible saying they are all the closest thing you can get, it kinda gets realllllllllyyyyy annoying.

5. Australians who try to be gangsta or anyone who tries to be gangsta.
Pretty self-explanatory . . .

May. 12th, 2009

Queen: Froggie

(no subject)

Mum's being a bitch again, grr i hate it when shes like this. I know i should be upset for her but i'm just kind of sick of her emo shit.

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