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Bowie: Double

Led Zeppelin Birthday Poem :)

My friend Ollie wrote me a poem for my birthday. I seriously laughed for like half an hour. Even though my birthday is on Friday, it's still awesome C:


There was this chick called Ray,
who shined brighter with every day.
This guy she knew called Oliver,
decided to become a follower.
And the two of them, together with glee,
took over the world with Led Zeppelin, you see...
For they cranked up communication breakdown to eleven,
and simultaneously everyone climbed the stairway to heaven.
And now Oliver sits,
making parodies of the hits,
all to say when push comes to shove,
Rachael, you got a whole lotta love.

Yeah, he's in Melbourne so he sent it on myspace.
Love you Ollie :)


Ollie's such a doll
that's awesome as ,33
awww, that poem made me laugh and smile... :D